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Our Program 

Overcoming the NICU hurdles by creating paths & tools that work.

You Are Now Our Client!

By completing a survey, you have officially become our client! Once the pre-application questionnaire  is completed our CEO/Founder will be in contact with you and will issue out a personalized application.  


Our Program Works!

Dear Mama, our program is designed to helped you focus on what matters: PUMPING, EATING & SLEEPING!  This is a FREE program will be issue once the application is received. 

In addition to our lovely program, as our client, you will also receive the following: gas card, food card, NICU devotional, kangaroo blanket and preemie items. 

As our client, it is our hearts desire to serve your needs.  

Your Mental Health is Important! 

For MENTAL CARE, we have partnered with licensed counselors and have agreed to pay for the first 2-3 sessions!  If additional sessions are needed we will connect with your health care providers to see if the ongoing sessions can be covered through insurance with a small copay. 

Application Clause

It is recommended to read the APPLICATION CLAUSE before applying for assistance.  

To request assistance an application must be accurately completed.  The purpose of the application is to be and remain compliant with the bylaws, rules and regulations of Maison Alexander Support Group Inc. that is filed by the State of Texas as well as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  All information on the application is kept confidential and private.  We encourage all applicants to do the same with keeping their information confidential and private by not sharing what was gifted along with any amounts.  

To protect the Maison Alexander Support Group Inc. so that we can continue to serve our community, certain steps must be completed legally in order to move forward with the donation.  All decisions made are based off the applicant's current situation in the NICU and or process of being discharged.