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"Taking each day & each moment, one step at a time."

The 30 Day NICU Devotional is a month's worth of encouragements from the neonatal experience. The devotions are quick and inspiring, and fit for the busy NICU schedule. From scriptures to prayers, small journal exercises and powerful uplifting quotes, it's all intended as a supplement to your daily living with encouragement on building and maintaining a relationship with God. While the neonatal life can drain families with the ups and downs along the way, this devotional will encourage, inspire and restrengthen. This Devotional was written with intent for NICU families; however open to all. If you are outside the NICU community and wish to restart the next 30 days with positive reinforcements, encouragements, scriptures and prayers – this devotional is for you as well.

The 30-Day NICU Devotional

Part 2 Releasing Soon!!!