Craft Club Membership

“I craft for NICU Babies” is a craft club that creates keepsakes for the tiny babies in the NICU and their families. Our heart’s desire is to create memories in hopes to encourage NICU families that their journey will not last forever. From knitted/loom hats to booties, Kangaroo Blankets, blankets for their incubators, craft-kit boxes, name designs, and more! The NICU will be able to distribute the keepsakes to each family to use and take home.

In addition, we understand that life produces early Angels. With that in mind, there is an “Angel” portion of our club for babies who have received their wings. At the family’s request, we will still craft keepsakes for the family to have in memory of their baby. 💜


Never craft but would like to start? No problem! We have members, including our CEO, who can and will help get you started! From knitting to looming, and creating crafts in general, in our own way, we’re all learning experts coming together for a great cause while having fun!

Crocheting, knitting, looming, stationary designs, letter designs, onesie designs, fleece blankets, & more! 💜

Our Signature Project:

Kangaroo Blankets!

Kangaroo Care: is a HEALING method used for premature babies, also known as "skin-to-skin". This method heals both baby and parent.

They're not too big and they're not too small. OMG-- they're just right!

In 2017, our team crocheted Kangaroo Blankets to help promote skin-to-skin care for the NICU! Mommy or Daddy will be able to place their personal size mini-blanket on their baby's back during kangaroo time.

They were such a big hit, that it has become our go-to request!

Our Schedule

2019 is already booked!  Please join us for an amazing adventure!


March 30th

1st Quarter

Hat Season with Accessories!

Let's meet for updates, snacks & chat.

Place: Pending


June 29th

2nd Quarter

Kangaroo Blankets for Kangaroo Care!

Let's meet for updates, snacks, & chat.

Place: Pending


September 28th

3rd Quarter

Pumpkin Hats & Thangs!

Let's meet for updates, snacks, & chat.

Place: Pending


November 30th 

4th Quarter

Sweet as Candy-Kanes!

Let's meet for dinner and celebrate an awesome year.

Prepare for 2020 with updates.

Place: Pending

"I remember when you were this small..."

"I remember when you were this small..."

It's for a great cause with awesome perks, so why not join?!

Click "Apply" below and email your application to: [email protected]